Who We Are

At BELA Printing & Packaging Corporation, we help small business owners to promote their business professionaly, with print.

We offer a wide range of customizable marketing products by providing a simple, straightforward, hassle free experience.With our online tools, our customers can easily design a uniform and homogeneous look that carries across their entire business.With that, they can confidently open their doors, knowing they are ahead of the competition.

Since inception in 1970, we have attained consistent growth years over years, resulting in our ability to invest in the latest technology and focus on what we do best: service the customer. Today, BELA is an industry leading print technology company, helping our customers to establish print practices and utilize print products to promote their business into the future.

Our History

  1. 1971 - First Location

    Morgan Printing originally opened as a small storefront in Hatboro, but we always had big visions. 

    Quality products, affordable prices, and exceptional customer service were a few of the main ingredients which led to our roaring success.

  2. 1976 - Stationary Store

    In '76, a stationary store was opened to supplement the print shop and help showcase our products. This helped grow sales and allow more advanced machinery to be purchased. 

    Keeping up with technology during a time when advancements were everywhere was a true test of grit, but it was the key to developing a successful business.

  3. 1977 - Mr. Morgan & Co-Workers at 2nd Location

    The continuing growth of the organization was cause for celebration! The business was thriving, new staff was acquired, and spirits were high.

    Sitting back and relaxing was not on the agenda, though. It was time to plan.

  4. 1984 - Cutting Machine

    Modern equipment has always been an important part of our company, and what keeps us ahead of the curve - so just like today, new machines were the focus.

  5. 1987 - Folding Machine

    Adding new bindery equipment meant additional offerings to the customer and created the need for more staff.

    We were so grateful then (and now) to find hard-working, high-spirited individuals who value quality and customer service.

  6. 1990 - Offset Print

    Keeping with tradition, bigger and better printing presses were purchased along with new bindery equipment, adding even more new offerings to our customers.

  7. 1994 - Move to Our Current Location

    A huge leap forward happened in '94 when we moved to our Willow Grove location.

    This 20,000 square foot facility could let our aspirations come to life. More space meant more productivity, which in turn meant growth.

  8. 1997 - Envelope Printing Press

    Production was at a new high, and business was booming.

    This meant good things for both the business and the staff. Everyone felt a sense of accomplishment and pride.

  9. 2002 - Installation of Color Copier

    When the digital age started, we did not hesitate to jump right in. Color copiers were nothing like what they are today, but back then it was cutting edge technology.

  10. 2019 - Under New Management. Ahmed!

    In 2019 BELA printing bought Morgan Printing. Two companies that valued modernization as much as customer service were merged to provide even higher quality affordable printing to our customers.

  11. 2021 - New Sign to The Building

    Soon, the building was freshened up and more equipment was purchased, including a T-shirt press. 

    Looking back at our innovative history, we can't help but get excited about what is to come!

Meet Our Management Team